The Force Awakens left a lot of questions to the fans, one of which is why Maz Kanata has the Lightsaber. Fans may found the answer in Star Wars 8.

Those who were able to watch the previous episode were shocked at the scene where the Lightsaber found Rey. However, the location is questionable and Maz Kanata was a new character as well.

It looks like the character’s introduction to the film is essential, like what we are going to find out when the movie arrives. How did Maz Kanata find Luke Skywalker‘s epic Lightsaber?

Star Wars fanatics last saw Luke’s weapon during his duel with Darth Vader in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Vader chopped off Luke’s hand and it fell down the air shaft of Cloud City.

According to several sources, one of which is Tech Buffalo, Maz Kanata may already know who the owner is and where the Lightsaber has gone. On the other hand, there is also a speculation that Luke gave it to her after the duel.

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On the other hand, there is another rumor that Lupita Nyong’O, the actress behind the character, will not be part of Star Wars 8. However, the star quickly slammed the claims.

The actress has just finished filming her part for the next film, reported Melty. However, she is sad about the controversies regarding her participation in the intergalactic flick.

“I don’t know where this rumor came from! I have no idea at all. It has hurt my feelings,” she said.

“I shot my scenes and they’re coming out. You never really know, when you shoot for movie scenes and which ones are gonna make it and all that. So, I always keep my fingers crossed!” Nyong’O added.

There will be more updates regarding Star Wars 8 so make sure to check ANN for more news.