“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” scenes that feature Maz Kanata (played by Lupita Nyong’O) and her castle seem to have leaked online.

We are warning  readers as this article might contain spoilers for the upcoming movie.

It all began when The Star Wars Post discussed “Game of Thrones” actor Miltos Yerolemou’s involvement in “The Force Awakens.” They recently reported that he will be playing as “HM Patron”. However, it is still uncertain if “HM Patron” is actually a name or a description of the character. The information was gathered by a reporter from BBC:

Another thing is that he might be included in Maz Kanata’s castle scene in the upcoming film:

“Maz Kanata’s pub inside the castle, as shown in the Vanity Fair piece recently, was code named the ‘Hall of Mirrors’,” notes The Star Wars Post.

“I think this does narrow down which part of the film Miltos participated in and it begs the question does he just sip a drink or do we get to see some of his sword skills on screen? I imagine Miltos will remain named “HM Patron” until an action figure or visual guide of some sort names him,” Making Star Wars owner and Editor-in-Chief Jason Ward explained.

As for the leaked scene details, Making Star Wars recently gave a handful of information regarding Lupita Nyong’O’s scene with Han Solo and some of the “Star Wars” characters.

The scene sequence, which is detailed on the site, reveals Maz’s important role to Han Solo and how her castle might be in turmoil.

“We then see Kanata’s castle. Finn asks Han who they are there to see and he replies ‘her’. The Falcon flies closer to Maz’s castle and we see a giant statue (of Maz and that is what I believe Han is gesturing towards when he says ‘her’),” one part of the sequence read.

“Han asks Maz for help. The history between Han Solo and Maz comes up (apparently they didn’t end on the best of terms),” another part wrote.

To view the complete sequence of Maz Kanata’s castle scene, click here.