Fans of the force should be excited to know that “Star Wars 7” will be everything they’ve been expecting to see from the installment. Titled “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, the movie will be featuring new characters as well as old faces from the galaxy far, far away.

In a recent interview with cast member and rumored X-Wing pilot, Greg Grunberg, the next “Star Wars” chapter is being “done the right way.”

“Everything I see I get more excited about…It’s really being done the right way. So I think it’s gonna be incredibly satisfying,” Grunberg told Entertainment Weekly.

The actor who also happens to be director JJ Abrams buddy added that fans will surely love what they’ll see in the movie come its release in December.

“What I’m gathering from all of the pieces I’ve seen is it’s everything that a Star Wars junkie like me wants out of the movie,” emphasizing that the cast has been “unbelievable.”

The “Heroes” actor also said that confidentiality on the film’s set was so “crazy” that the cast had to give the scripts back at the end of the day.

“This is crazy! An actor does not get to prepare on this movie,” Grunberg said in the interview, adding “We got our script pages, only the scenes that we were in. Not even what was being shot that day!”

However, he did confirm that it was all part of director Abrams’ idea that “the theater is a mystery box.” This is probably the reason why we haven’t seen leaks of the “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens” script.

While the screenplay has been kept under wraps, some photos of the movie have leaked this week. The first photo showed Harrison Ford who returns as Han Solo piloting the Falcon. The second showed Domhnall Gleeson as The General “dispatching Captain Phasma after Finn because Kylo Ren can’t be everywhere at once,” explained

See leaked “Star Wars 7” photos here.

“Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” will be hitting cinemas this December 18, 2015.