The Stanley Cup 2016 has concluded with a win from Pittsburgh Penguins. Meanwhile, the season also has seen a steady decline from Red Wings’ performance. With Pittsburgh Penguins rise to success in the Stanley Cup 2016 and Red Wings’ debilitating playing condition, here are some lessons one can glean from their season run.

Shakeup for Success

Pittsburgh Penguins Jim Rutherford has made good on his trades and addressed his team’s weak points. From trading players for somebody who excels in a certain skill his team needs, he knows the meaning of complements that makes up for the best playmaking inside the court.

Meanwhile, Red Wings has yet to find players who will make up for the absence of their leading men in the court.

Forget the Untouchables

If and when GM Ken Holland finally decides to do a major shakeup for his team, he also should forget the notion of untouchables, CBS notes. Again, if they can’t win the games with their current roster, maybe it’s time for them to consider new and young blood to fuel their path to victory.

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Speed Skates

From the Stanley Cup to the NHL regular series, speed speaks well for most of the games. Slowpokes have no place in a split second game like hockey. With Red Wings’ young forwards who understands the need for speed, Wings may have a chance of reclaiming their former winning glory.

Team Effort

Good plays aren’t just started with a good plan. Having everyone on board from Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford to the new coach Mike Sullivan and the boys, they made sure they were present in the game and pitching in for their Stanley Cup 2016 success.

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“There’s not a lot of chances to be had. When there isn’t, you can’t be one-dimensional. You have to make sure you’re contributing other ways,” team captain Sidney Crosby said to CBC.

New Blood

Another thing the Pittsburgh Penguins has done right was letting the new ones play, from the forwards to their defense men, coach Mike knew how to let his players gain experience and do good for the team.