If you are looking for a flashy and kicks that looks expensive this one is the right one for you – the Stan Smith new sneaker that used real gold.

Adidas has teamed up with the 167-year-old German company, Eytzinger, to reinvent two of its iconic styles – Stan Smith and Rod Laver. The brand named the limited styles as 999 Noble Metals Pack.

What makes the pack special is that Adidas outfitted the pair of sneakers with flashy 24K gold accents at the tongue and the heel tab.

Refinery29 noted that Adidas’ Stan Smith and Rod Laver usually have tongue and heel tab that contrasts against the leather or rubber upper, respectively. But in this collection, the design comes with gold leaf.

Eytzinger has been known for its expertise in the rare art of gold leafing. The company is based in the Gold Leave town of Schwabach, and each Adidas shoe is said to feature years of craftsmanship experience and excellence.

Adidas wrote on its press release: “Blending two classic 3-stripes silhouettes with generations of manufacturing tradition, the 999 Pack encapsulates the Adidas Originals philosophy — everyday icons with unparalleled elegance.”


The 999 Noble Metals Pack will be almost double the price of the classic Stan Smith and Rod Laver. The pack is available at $110. Standard Stan Smith is around US $65, while the metallic Rod Lavers is around $65.

The 999 Noble Metals Pack will hit the Adidas website starting July 15th.

This is just the first in a series of precious-metals releases from Adidas. However, the brand has not announced what will be next style.

Adidas earlier released a limited edition of NMD. The company released only 300 pairs NMD Firestarter sold worldwide.

Apart from the new Firestarter pair, Adidas also dropped the new colorways of the NMDs over the weekend.