“Venom” will have his own movie without Spider-Man in it and is set to begin its own franchise.

The film about Spiderman’s arch enemy will be produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, both responsible for bringing “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies starring Andrew Garfield. The script for the first Venom film will be written by Dante Harper, scriptwriter for the Tom Cruise starred “Edge of Tomorrow.” It was announced by Movie News Guide that Alex Kurtzman is set to direct the Spider-Man spinoff. It is said to be unrelated to the upcoming “Spider-man” movie which stars Tom Holland. The Spider-man film will later fit into “The Avengers” franchise.

Venom started out as Spider-Man’s nemesis but eventually evolved into an antihero. He is said to resemble a “dark Spiderman” and is a result of an alien symbiote merging with different human hosts. The otherworldly life form first merged with Spider-Man but the web-slinging hero disposed of the “costume” when he noticed that the alien liquid is corrupting him.

The alien, gaining Spider-Man’s abilities due to bonding with him for a considerable period of time, then merged with other human hosts. It first merged consciousness with journalist Eddie Brock, later with villain known as Scorpion Mac Gargan, and most recently, black ops Flash Thompson.

It is not yet confirmed by Hollywood Reporter which version of Venom will be featured or who will act as the Venom lead for the film. Venom appeared in the movie “Spider-Man 3” when he merged with Eddie Brock portrayed by “That 70’s Show” Topher Grace.

It seems films about villains (or characters who do not possess the typical protagonist traits) who do superhero acts on occasion as long as it serves their own interests is starting to become a trend. This may have been started by the surprisingly successful Deadpool. Film makers just might have found the secret ingredient to movie success — the “villain-turned-hero” formula.

Which version of Venom should swing into theatres and who do you think should portray the Spider-Man’s nemesis?