If you to want to live longer and to the fullest, then you should pack your baggage to Spain, as a study has found that Spain has highest survival rate in Europe than Britain.

People in northern Spain, north eastern Italy, Andorra and southern and western France are believed to live longer, due to their healthy Mediterranean diet.

British medical journal’s “Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health” featured the study, which compared the lifeline of people across 18 European countries.

The study concentrated on the number of people who survived up to the age of 85-94 in 2001 from 75-84 in 1991. During that period, 40 percent of the women survived than men with 27 percent.

The same survey was carried out in 2001 to compare how many people survived till 2011. The study showed improvement in the figures with men’s survival rate to 34 percent and women’s survival rate to 47 percent.

Some countries like Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland with other eastern European countries were excluded  from the study due to inadequate data. While countries like Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Lichtenstein and San Marino were counted in as they border European Union Countries.

Researchers said that the post industrial-areas of Britain, southern Spain, France, Amsterdam and The Netherlands had low survival rates. In 2011, the survival rate of female was 18 percent as compared to male with only 7 percent.

According to researchers, major factors – socio-economic circumstances, lifestyle, pollution, genes, and bad healthcare facilities influenced the old-age survival rates. Lifestyle habits such as – smoking, drinking, poverty and high fat diets also causes depression and early deaths in pensioners.

“Old-age survival is strongly determined by mortality after 85 years of age, which is mainly caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD), which accounts for 42 percent of the deaths in Europe.”, said Dr Ana Isabel Ribeiro, of the University of Porto quoted in a report by Daily Mail.

“Indeed, the current pattern of CVD mortality to some extent matches our pattern of survival – lower rates are found in northern Spain and all over France.”

According to a study, Spain beat Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA as well in terms of healthy survival rates.