An Australian woman who thought that South Korea is a safe place got raped during her visit in the country. She was allegedly drugged, abducted and raped by three men. And she has a CCTV footage to prove her claim. The victim claimed that the South Korean Police did nothing to capture the culprits.

Aidre Mattner, 25, from Adelaide, visited a pub crawl alone in South Korea thinking the country to be safe. She stated that a stranger spiked her drink, abducted her and then took her to a hotel. While they were there he along with two other men raped her one after the other.

A devastated Mattner told reporters, “I woke up the next morning completely naked. All my money was gone. My clothes and belongings were torn and strewn across the room.”

The CCTV footage from the hotel shows two men leading her to the hotel room. She looks completely disoriented in the video. The most astonishing part of the story is that the South Korean police were not at all interested in capturing the offenders. They actually place the blame on what the victim was wearing at that time, how much she drank and the fact that she was alone, reported Mail Online. Mattner stated that she was “dumbfounded” by their approach to the case.

As a consequence, the Australian rape victim and her mother decided to take things on their hand and set up a GoFundMe to raise money so they can lead their own battle against her abusers. This changed the course of action against the offenders since there was an outcry among the international women organisations. Thus, after intense criticism, Korean authorities re-opened the case and tracked down a Nigerian man.

The Nigerian who was based in Seoul was arrested after a DNA test. As per The News, three men raped her and two of them were captured in the CCTV footage. But, when her rapist was sentenced with a lesser charge Mattner did not sit silently. Notably, the rapists were charged with sexual harassment instead of rape. Korean authorities argued that as Mattner was unconscious  she could not prove that she had not consented.

However, Mattner is not a woman who could be silenced by such arguments. She once again took things into her own hands and boosted her campaign by airing her sentiments on the 60 minutes. quoted Alison Langdon the 60 Minutes Reporter, who interviewed the  Australian woman who was raped, “Her treatment by police was as traumatic as the night before. There’s a culture of victim-blaming if you go out and drink or dance.”

“They have this culture where they don’t take sex crime seriously. When the victim and perpetrator are not South Korean, police care even less.”

Langdon further revealed that western women are always regarded as “white whores” in some circles.