The United States and China dispute over South China Sea is worsening with America’s drone being suspected to have been spying over Chinese activities. America is expecting China to return its drone as soon as possible amidst US president –elect Donald Trump’s tweet that asked China to keep the drone. After the Chinese authorities seized the underwater drone last week accusing the US of spying on their activities, China pledged to give the drone back to the US.

However, Trump fuelled the US-China dispute over South China Sea by positing a “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back – let them keep it!” he tweeted. US officials said that conversation has been going on with China to decide on the timing of the handing over of the drone. One of the officers said that the exchange could occur close to the Scarborough Shoal, another disputed region in the South China Sea. CNBC reported that Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said at a news briefing that America was attempting to find the logistical details with Chinese authorities.

US-China Background Details Over South China Sea

The dispute between the United States and China began with both the nations claiming their ownership over the South China Sea. There are several other nations, including the Philippines, claiming their rights over the islands but the US and China are the major partners in dispute. With the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s verdict that went in favour of the US, thereby declaring China’s claim over the sea as fake added fuel to the flame on US-China dispute.

Recently, Trump had received a congratulation call from Taiwan, which has been considered as “one China” since 1979, according to Fortune. The phone call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on December 2 to Trump proved to be another factor that again fostered the dispute between America and China.

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