South Australia Weather Update: Harsh Winds Cause Power Outage

South Australia

As predicted, South Australia has moved into complete darkness as harsh and wild winds caused power outage across the state.

The bad weather hit saturated regions of regional Victoria with expected heavy rainfall accompanied by damaging winds. The Bureau of Meteorology has claimed that an intense low-pressure system was moving towards north-west Victoria from Adelaide on Thursday. The bureau’s on-duty forecaster Peter Newham confirmed that such movement of low-pressure set up is likely to bring “damaging wind gusts” for the Mallee.

Meanwhile, two men have been reportedly arrested because of their intention to loot during the blackout that occurred in the region on Wednesday night. Police took them into custody following a patrolling conducted in Mt Gambier at around 8pm. Police discovered that two men in a car  were shining torches into shop windows. They stopped the car and arrested them on suspicion over their intentions of theft. There were several tools recovered from the duo, including bolt cutters, wire cutters, knives, etc.

The weather forecaster has warned people of the damaging winds expected to affect the region on Thursday. The bureau has confirmed that the winds will blow at an average speed of 35 to 50 km/hr accompanied by a peak gust of around 90 km/hr. The Alpine is expected to witness gusts with an average speed of 120 km/hr.

According to claims made by the bureau, the South Australia heavy rain might lead to flash flooding in some areas, including far-eastern parts of the North Central and Northern Country. According to The Age, Melbourne is lucky enough to escape the severe Australia weather conditions with an average rain measuring 1.8 millimeters in the CBD overnight.

Some of the areas expected to witness severe effects of the harsh winds and heavy rains include Wangaratta, Bright and Falls Creek, Swan Hill, Mildura and Wodonga. A rainfall measuring almost five millimeters is expected to hit the state along with predicted thunderstorm.

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