South Australia Time Zone Change: Same as East Coast?

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The South Australian government decided not to wind their clocks forward half an hour to match East Coast, this is after actively considering the proposal.

According to, the Liberal party as well as majority of the crossbench opposed the move to align its time with the East. Family First MP Rob Brokenshire thinks the SA government wants to please a section of the community that’s why the push was made.

“The process the Government embarked on had a clear agenda to appease one section of the Business sector. It was a joke and confused the community,” Mr Brokenshire said, notes the site.

“I have had an overwhelming response to the petition I have been running which shows people thought moving the time zone to the east was lunacy. While it is time for the Government to drop their agenda to go to Eastern Standard Time, it is not the time to drop the time zone debate.”

The Business leaders are very annoyed with the decision and claim that it would have given a boost to the economic growth of the state had the time zone changed, and the 30 minute change would have been worth $2.5 billion.

The proposed change drew criticism from West Coast communities who complained that their children would be leaving for school in the dark during winter and that early morning workers would also be affected.

After seven months of debate to promote the potential economic benefits of the change, the State Government could not gain enough support from parliament to go ahead with the change.

Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith thinks the decision is disappointing, 9News noted.

While South Australia’s State Government argued that aligning the time zone with the East Coast would make businesses easier and profit their economy, the Opposition Leader Steven Marshall thinks the argument makes no sense.

“We’re not going to take the matter further given the Liberal Party and a number of independents have come out today, and without having considered the matter fully and listened to the debate, ruled it out” he told ABC News.

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