TV personality Sonia Kruger has responded to the wave of anger seen online after she made an anti-Islam comment on Channel Nine’s Today show on Monday.

The TV figure defended her comments and acknowledged her reaction as ‘extreme’. “I acknowledge my views yesterday may have been extreme,” she said while hosting Today Extra show on Tuesday. Kruger said that she saw a baby’s image covered in a plastic sheet. Her doll lied right beside her. She said that she was “rocked to the core” by the terror acts that claimed the lives of so many innocent people.

“We have witnessed too many atrocities in the name of terrorism. Last week’s attack on men, women and children in Nice left me in utter disbelief. I saw the image of a baby covered in a plastic sheet with a doll lying beside her … the thought that it could happen here terrifies me,” she added.

Kruger, while hosting Today Extra, said that if Australia would stop taking in migrants from Muslim nations, it would be safer. The comment came following the discussion on ABC’s Andrew Bolt’s article that criticized influx of refugees by other nations. He held the refugee influx responsible for the attacks in France, which wholeheartedly welcomed migrants from Muslim nations.

Kruger’s colleague Sylvia Jeffreys said on Today Extra on Tuesday that Kruger “is not a racist”. She got carried away by emotions as a mother when she saw the images.

The Daily Telegraph reported that as an answer to the outrage online, she said that there was no simple answer to putting a stop to terrorism that could be discussed in a short-spanned TV show. Kruger praised Australia for being multi-cultured. Her controversial comment caught even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s attention. Turnbull entered the debate and tweeted that Australia has not newly launched its immigration policies.

Australia had “a non-discriminatory immigration program and a non-discriminatory humanitarian program and has done so for many, many years”. He added that there will be no change made to it.

In her anti-Muslim comment, Kruger mentioned Japan, saying that the nation has the minimum Muslim population and that is the reason why it is not subject to frequent terror attacks. Hence, she called for a stop to Muslim intake in Australia so that the nation becomes safe and secure for innocent people.