The “Descendants of Sun” superstars Song Joong-Ki and Song Haye-Kyo make one of the most hit on-screen couples of recent time. Yesterday we broke the news to you that the pair’s dating each other was just a publicity stunts to increase the show’s rating.  The statement came straight from the horse’s mouth.

Along with the news came another blow of surprise. A picture of actor Joong-Ki tying a mysterious woman’s hair started to circulate on various social media channels filling the rumor mill with unnecessary facts. But here is the truth.

Song Joong Ki’s recent fan meet Hong Kong was attended by nearly around 8,000 admirers. The Korean heartthrob allowed his fans to come close enough to know him better. The fascinating event brought fans many special moments including wearing wigs, a precious encounter with a child fan, a duet with his friend Lee Kwang Soo, and more, Soompi reports.

Videos posted on YouTube show that the majority of this fan meet was the female population who went gaga over their 30-year-old on-screen darling.

Then the mystery lady appeared in the scene. She a fan who was picked out from the crowd. This bespectacled female was lucky enough to have her idol tie her shoulder-length hair. Song Joong-ki was almost embracing her and their faces close. The moment depicted a popular scene from his drama “Descendants of the Sun” where the actor was tying Song Hye Kyo‘s hair himself.

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Although Joong-ki succeeded to tie her hair after two major attempts, the images floating around the internet raises doubt on the actor’s new romance. While fans are still reeling over the “SongSong” or “KiKyo” couple, many are wondering who the 30-year-old actor will be paired with in real life.

Song Joong-Ki also explained in the event  why Hong Kong is a special place for him. He expressed, “It’s the first place I went for vacation after I became an adult; I actually went to Lan Kwai Fong yesterday. I’m so happy to be holding my first fan meeting in Hong Kong today, and I was really surprised to see so many people here. Thank you so much.”