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Smartphone Photos: Seven Ways to Make Your Memory Eternal


When there are several photos on your smartphone, you share them on social media. In 2015, it was calculated that around 1 trillion photos were shared on social media.

However, there are better things to do with these photos than just sharing it on social media.

Here’s a list of things you can opt for to customise your photographs.

A Box Made of Wood

If you want your photos to be printed onto beautiful beetle pine boxes Artifact Uprising will help you with that. You can use the box to store anything significant.($123)

A Rubik’s Cube

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Personalization Mall makes it easy to crack a Rubik’s Cube. You can create your own toy with personal images to beat even the best cuber in your family. One can also simply use it to proudly showcase six photos in a different way. ($37)

A Marshmallow

You can get your photos printed on marshmallows thanks to Boomf. A great sweet for hot chocolate, these small confections make an lovely gift for anyone who is sweet-lover. ($32 for a box of nine)

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A Selfie Toaster

It would great to start the day with a delicious toast with your selfie on it, says Mashable. This kind of interesting breakfast can be attained with a customizable toaster from the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation.  ($89)

A Cushion

The best way to drift off to the dreamland is by sleeping on a pillow made made of a smartphone photo of your favorite memory. SnapBox creates 18×18″ custom pillows, which are wonderfully cozy and display a lovely photo. ($54)

A Game of Memory

Let the fun begin: family game night! Photo: @everly_b #memorygame

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This customised memory exercise from Pinhole Press requires you to stay sharp with your family members. You can include anyone in your 12 matches (photos) to pair. Just mix the cards to start the game. ($38)

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A Monthly Magazine

An app called Recently (iOS for now) transforms smartphone photos from your camera roll into an 8×11” magazine that you can receive on a monthly basis. You can include either 50 or 100 photos in each magazine. You can keep copies for yourself and send them to your loved ones as well. ($11 per month)

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