Silicon Valley, the popular American comedy TV sitcom has been renewed for a third season on April 24. One more time  it continues to offer a heavy dose of laughter blended with utterly accurate presentation of start-up life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In episode 3 of Silicon Valley on May 8, fans can make out where the rest of the new season will set out for. Since the episode titled “Meinertzhagen’s Haversack” was a cliffhanger, they can’t wait to see how Richard Hendricks escapes Jack Barker.

The episode showed Richard and the gang getting pushed to the side in Pied Piper by the new CEO Jack Barker. Barker wants Pied Piper to focus on making server backup boxes rather than expanding the commercial platform the guys propose, iDigitalTimes reports.

Meanwhile, Richard doesn’t seem to agree with Barker on the direction of the company and approaches the head of Raviga, Laurie Bream, to express his concerns. Interestingly, Bream supports Richard’s point of view and plans to talk with Barker about it. However, as usual, Barker being Barker takes a tactful move telling Richard if he wants to aim for the king, he better kill him. It works as the mainspring of the new secret company Skunkworks by Richard and the gang. After drafting all the plans and goals for the commercial platform, the team gets ready to make what they want while still pretending to be working on what Barker wants.

Of course, all these plans instantly stop when Richard trips and spills the secret documents all over the Pied Piper offices. Barker detects immediately, and the episode finishes in a dramatic note with everyone getting called into Barker’s office.

iDigitalTimes says, Meinertzhagen’s Haversack hints a great amount of suspense linked with Richard vs. Barker that the viewers will see throughout the rest of the season. It will be exciting to see Barker react to all of the planning Richard has put into building the platform instead of the server boxes. This is made twice as interesting knowing that Richard has the backing of Raviga, who also want Pied Piper to build the platform.

Considering Baker’s smart business intellect, we suppose he should realize the potential of the Pied Piper platform. Instead, he appears overconfident of his own business plans, which he is quick to identify, are taught in business schools. Are we most likely see Barker try to snatch control of Pied Piper away from everyone else? With an ambitious man like Barker, nothing seems impossible.

What could be the consequences of Richard’s failed plan? Are you excited to see what Barker will do with the Skunkworks file?

Tune into Silicon Valley episode 4 “Maleant Data Systems Solutions” on May 15.