A tiger attacked a woman after she came out of her car. The CCTV footage in China’s Badaling Wildlife zoo showed the woman emerging from the passenger side. She then went around in the front of the car to open the driver’s seat.

The Tiger Attacks

As she opened the door, a tiger lunged at her from the far right and dragged her out. Her companions, which turned out to be her husband and mother, went after her.

The woman survived the attack but her elderly mother was mauled to death by the tiger. The incident happened at a certain section of the Badaling Wildlife Zoo where vehicles are permitted to cruise and watch the wild tigers roam freely.

The park has experienced similar tiger attacks in the past. In 2014, a security guard was killed when he stepped out of his vehicle. Another incident involved a trespasser who went into the enclosure, which led to a tiger attack and consequent death.

The Reason for the Attack

Experts have warned that big captive cats are more dangerous to humans than those in the wild. Wild animals that roam in the African safari such as lions tend to see humans as their predator and competitor in the food chain.

Meanwhile, wildlife park schemes of letting visitors feed wild animals for a fee does not help restore this fear instinct in captive animals. As humans feed wild animals in the enclosure, the animals are conditioned to think of humans as less of a predator. Instead, the animals associate humans with food following Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory. They might even think of people as their food.

Due to this conditioning, attacks are more likely to happen in contained places rather than in the wild, National Geographic notes.

The Aftermath

Meanwhile, as Badaling Wildlife staff rushed to rescue the family, they were unable to do anything for the mother. The daughter who first went out of the car insisted she thought they were already out of the wildlife enclosure, thus her fearless venture out of the car, DailyMail reports.

After the incident, wildlife conservationists are concerned and hope that the tiger would not be killed due to the incident.