Aliens are headlining almost all the international bulletins these days.  While science is in search of proof linked to the existence of these unknown creatures from a distant world, another controversial topic has started to emerge in the horizon. Do humans belong on earth?

Science claims that the acid that forms human DNA could have originally been delivered from outer space on a comet that smashed on a primitive Earth.

Researchers made the surprising claim following the confirmation that proves ribose can be made on a comet. It (ribose) is the basic sugar from which much of our DNA is made from.

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An article published in Express stated that scientists from the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale and the Institut de Chimie de Nice claim to have found out that the nucleic acids that constitute our DNA are formed mainly from ribose that  may not have its origins on Earth.

Is that convincing enough for us to believe that we are the real ‘Aliens’?

During the formation of our solar system, the young sun was encircled by a circumstellar disc of gas and dust. Planets were then shaped by the aggregation of these small frozen bodies that met violently and merged, bringing together many chemical compounds.

This research further simulated these circumstances to form a synthetic comet.

Researchers said as the synthetic comet eventually started to go near the sun and “warmed”, ribose and a similarly structured family of sugars were detected.

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A representative of the research communicated: “It was previously thought that ribose was the original sugar and precursor to DNA, yet the research exposed at least three others that may have been around at the same time or before.

There is a pretty unquestioned theory out there that the origin of life may have been transported to planet earth by meteorite and comet impacts. The delivery was done possibly as single-celled organisms or just as the building blocks of life such as amino acids.  However, this finding goes one step further stating that some building blocks of human DNA hold traces from space.

Doesn’t this leave a big question mark over the very existence of humans on earth?