Californian wife Sherri Papini was recovered on Thanksgiving day last week after being kidnapped and tortured for three weeks.

While the matter is still under investigation, husband Keith Papini claims to have been “blindsided” by the investigators as he opposed the whole incident being called a staged event. The man revealed minute details about the injuries that the victim suffered. The officers believed that the kidnappers had branded her with a “message”.

Keith claimed on Wednesday that his wife has been beaten repeatedly, after which she suffered many injuries. He described the bruises that ranged from yellow to black in color and also identified the burns, red rashes and chain markings found all over her body.

Has the husband indicated some details about Sherri Papini’s kidnapping?

They, on the other hand, found something fishy when the husband agreed to the victim being “branded, and I could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers”. “There’s some unique information in there that was in his press release today that we were hoping to keep a tight rein on as far as what we were going to release to the public,” Shasta County Sheriff’s Office’s Head of Investigations  Lieutenant Anthony Bertain said as quoted by

“It’s not the first hurdle in this investigation that we’ve had, we’ve overcome many of them, not just in this case, but there’re surprises in all investigations, so this just wasn’t good timing.”

The investigators confirmed that they were in search of two Hispanic women who were last seen driving an SUV. When Sherri Papini was recovered after the kidnapping, she had a bag over her head and was chained at the waist and wrists. She was found around 225 kilometers from her northern California property. The victim was kidnapped while she was jogging near her home on November 2.

Earlier, the investigators suspected the husband for the kidnapping but found out later that he was not involved in the matter as he passed the polygraph test.

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