“Sherlock” season four has increased the excitement of its fans to the next level. Episodes are almost over being written and composed, props have been procured and the actors are seen back on sets. This, time the latest tickle is done Amanda Abbington. She has made the developments around the show’s fourth season appear more real by posting a picture of her season four script on Twitter handle.

No wonder, it has created ripples on the web among Sherlock’s aficionados who are commenting on her post with high amount excitement. Earlier Cultbox  reported that actress Amanda Abbington plays the role of Mary Watson and she confirmed the news on Twitter.

Just a few days back, the news of starting of filming of Sherlock series 4, made the fans jumping with joy. Radio Times confirmed the news and mentioned about how Mark Gatiss with his Twitter post teased the news alongside a close-up of the resident Baker Street skull and said “I spy Series Four.” It relieved that Sherlock fans that the filming on the new three-part run of the detective drama has started.

A couple of days ago while receiving the award for Best Supporting Actor at the London theater Oliviers, Mark Gatiss confirmed the start date and told that the new series’ flavour would be “Bittersweet.  It’s always bittersweet.”

With this new post on Twitter by Amanda has pleased the show’s SM and general fandom. There are just about nine months of wait, before one can see the finished product in real time. Such intermittent posts by the actors of the show are working like teasers. However, it has only raising the excitement among the fans, who are patiently waiting for the show to hit the screen.

Sherlock’ Season 4 to be aired on BBC One in early 2017.