“Sherlock” season 4 and “Doctor Who” season 9 could feature a crossover episode? It’s possible says series creator.

“Sherlock” was among the panels present at the San Diego Comic Con 2015 last Thursday. Present at the Entertainment Weekly Lounge were series co-creator Steven Moffat, producer Sue Vertue and actor Rupert Graves. The trio talked about the upcoming special episode of “Sherlock” later this year.

When asked if Moffat, who is also lead writer and executive producer for “Doctor Who”, is open to a crossover episode between the two series, he said “I’d do it!”

“I’d do it, ‘cause it’d be funny. It’d just be a laugh. But the rest of them, frankly, the grownups — ‘No, you can have too much sugar,’” Moffat answered, as noted by Entertainment Weekly.

He also joked, “I work with boring people on both shows.”

“Sherlock” will return this year with a new Victorian special episode. Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and his friend Dr. John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, will be visiting “their Sir Arthur Conan Doyle roots,” EW noted.

Not much has been said about the episode, besides it being a period piece. Moffat explained, “We never bother to explain why Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are in the modern world in the normal series; why should we bother explaining now that we’re back in Victorian times?”

As for “Doctor Who”, it has been confirmed at SDCC 2015 that the season 9 air date is set for Sept. 19. The new trailer premiered at the event also showed “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams as part of the “Who” cast.

Moffat also noted that there will be no mid-season break this season, much like last year’s “Doctor Who” season 8, Den of Geek noted.

Watch the trailers of “Sherlock” season 4 and “Doctor Who” season 9 from the San Diego Comic Con 2015 below.