What can go wrong with an Instagram post about a fancy costume party? Well, everything actually, if the photograph makes a reference to the lion, Cecil. Cecil made international headlines when he was shot dead by an American dentist and was castigated about trophy hunting for African wildlife animals. The inappropriate post connected to this was made by Brooke Warne, the 18-year-old daughter of international cricketing legend Shane Warne.

The post, which seems to have been deleted by now, was captioned, “Politically incorrect — yes #cecil #malaysianairline #holocaust,” reveals News.com.au. It also makes a reference to the MH17 and MH370 Malaysia Airlines disasters as well as the millions of genocide victims during World War II.

Instagram users were quick to express their disgust and vent their dislike for the insensitive post. 9news.com.au informs that one Instagram user mrsmedavis commented with a “This is awful” remark.

According to Daily Mail, Brooke, who is the eldest of the three Warne kids, was seen wearing a white lab coat splattered with fake blood in the Instagram post. She wore a white top and black shorts and was seen holding a toy lion by the mane with one hand, while the other held a drink. Her friends appeared to be dressed as flight attendants, while another one wore blue and white striped top. The top is similar to clothes worn by those placed in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Instagram user mrsmedavis further commented on the photo saying, “Actually I’m not. I’ve had a natural reaction of sadness and disgust to somebody moking (sic) the death of millions of innocent people. It’s up there with laughing as victims of 9/11 or Bali bombings. You don’t go there,” reveals 9news.com.au.

The post received a lot of backlash from Instagram users. Another Instagram user teenfeministftw remarked, “White privalged [sic] kids think everything is a joke,” states Daily Mail.

According to news.com.au, some comments state about indifference. “Only privileged white kids have the ability to distance themselves and mock tragic events that don’t affect them,” wrote one Instagram user. “Rich kid arrogance at its worst,” wrote another.

While publications have reached out to Brooke Warne for comment, there still has been no official statement from her so far.