Same Sex Marriage Australia: ‘We Will Win’ Confirms Labor

Labor Senator Penny Wong expressed her confidence that her party “will win” on the issue of same-sex marriage because it is an aspiration for hope, equality, and love.

Wong received a standing ovation at the end of her speech at the 2015 Labor Conference in Melbourne on Sunday.

“The aspiration for equality is remarkably persistent, and we will continue until we win. Marriage equality is a campaign of hope, it is a campaign of justice, it is a campaign of equality, but most of all – and this is why we will win – it is a campaign for those we love,” quoted the senator as saying.

Wong is openly gay and has long been pushing for a binding vote to legalize same sex marriage in the country.

However, Australia’s Labor MPs and senators agree to take a conscience vote, instead of a binding vote, on same-sex marriage for two terms of parliament before they are bound to vote in favor of it.

The agreement was reached after a last-minute deal between Labor leader Bill Shorten and deputy leader Tanya Plibersek at the party conference, The Guardian reported.

Plibersek and many in the Labor’s left are pushing all of its MPs to have a binding vote in favor of marriage equality when the issue comes up again in Parliament next month, wrote.

Plibersek abandoned the binding vote as part of a deal with Shorten guaranteeing that the party will introduce same-sex marriage within 100 days of taking office.

The Guardian reported that they agreed not to push the binding vote amid concerns that a small number of MPs and senators are determined to use their free vote to oppose marriage equality, often because of religious views.

The Australian quoted Plibersek as saying, “I still hope we can have marriage equality by Christmas, but if this Parliament doesn’t pass marriage equality a Shorten-Labor government will within its first 100 days.”

The issue of same-sex marriage has regained traction in Australia after a successful referendum in Ireland to recognize gay and lesbian couples.

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