The “Seven Year Switch” is over but there are some people we do not know a lot about, and Michelle is one of those. She has opened up about how she couldn’t even bear to have sex in a tell-all guest post.

“Seven Year Switch’s” Michelle opened up about post-natal depression (PND), life changes with a baby, and the “Seven Year Switch” experience as a guest post for a leading publication. Exhaustion from chasing a dream of “being the perfect mother” resulted in her not having sex.

“I was drowning in my need to be the best mother ever,” Michelle told Mamamia. “I felt that weight of motherhood bearing down on me every day, and I was so upset as to why I couldn’t cope with something that was supposed to come naturally to all women,” she added.

Motherhood also strained her relationship with Jason. “I had changed. I wasn’t happy anymore, I wasn’t myself and I couldn’t even bear to have sex, even if I wasn’t so tired I just couldn’t,” said Michelle. “My sex drive ran away just like the hours of sleep I so desperately longed for. I never went anywhere and couldn’t bear leaving Elijah even for an hour,” she added.

According to Australian Women’s Weekly, Michelle was shocked after her doctor diagnosed her with PND. “This was a real shock to me; I thought PND was when you don’t connect with your baby. But in reality, there is so much more,” revealed Michelle. Counselling sessions got her back on track with her own self and with Jason. However, despite efforts, she again fell into the PND trap and it was around the time the couple went on “Seven Year Switch.”

“So the girl you see on ‘Seven Year Switch’ is me at my worst, my darkest. It’s a woman losing her battle with PND. Whilst on the show I spoke a lot about my PND and its effects on my relationship,” stated Michelle.

“For some reason, they chose not to air them. Is it because it’s still not really spoken about? Or is it because my story without that defining factor is more interesting, who knows,” she added.

The couple, whose relationship ended before the Reunion episode, are still friends. In her own words, she is “kicking PND’s butt” with medication. The single mother, though facing a tough challenge ahead, is at last happy.