Who would have guessed that Channel Seven’s controversial couples therapy reality show, “Seven Year Switch,” would get a boost in viewership? Does that mean all the cheating, flirting and lack-of-sex confessions are working at last? Does it mean that viewers identify with the relationship troubles faced by the four protagonist couples? Or is it just that people like watching strange and controversial things?

Mumbrella has reported that “Seven Year Switch” garnered an 826,000 metro viewership for yesterday’s episode. This is a whopping 66,000 more viewers than last week’s telecast despite the call of critics Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik begging Australians to stop watching the show. Mumbrella further explains that “Seven Year Switch” is the second most-watched show across key advertising demographics in the age brackets 16-39, 18-49, and 25-54.

The latest episode revealed Tim’s “root and boot” approach to relationships as he admitted that he still felt he was 18 or 19 years old. Daily Mail reveals that the personal trainer has confessed to cheating while in a relationship. However, he answered a nervous “no” when Tallena asked if he had ever cheated on Jackie before.hile Tallena spent the day giving and receiving a sensual massage, her partner Brad realised he was ready for marriage at last.

While Tallena spent the day giving and receiving a sensual massage, her partner, Brad, realised he was ready for marriage at last. News.com.au informs that Jackie and Brad had a ballroom dancing session which made him realise his behaviour towards Tallena. Despite being used to ballroom dancing and Tallena begging him for a session with her, it never happened. “I love dancing but it was with the wrong person,” Brad said. “I should’ve taken Tallena dancing a long time ago. I feel like a jerk for not taking her when she asked,” he added.

In the meantime, Michelle is seen having a great time with Ryan on a boat trip. “(The) Old Michelle probably showed up — getting in her bikini and jumping off the boat,” she exclaimed. “It was great to let go. Having fun, I suppose. For the first time in a long time. It’s great,” she added. However, she was also quick to realise that her experimental partner, Ryan, missed Cassie. “Ryan’s missing Cass — he’s missing her so much. And I’m not missing Jason,” she said.

Jason was seen complaining to Cassie about his dead sex life and how kissing Michelle felt like kissing his mum. Cassie joked about joining him for skinny dipping, while on a jetty. “If you go skinny dipping then I’ll happily go with you,” Cassie said. “I’m actually so happy we’ve been paired together. Jason’s great. Yeah, it’s just so fun,” she added.