Netflix original Sense8 season 2 is making rounds these days. The latest spoilers reveal that Dr.Who is joining the eight sensates soon. Interesting indeed! Read the story in details.

Lately photos of a leaked script for Sense8 season 2 was posted on Reddit by a user dubbed as gukeums1. According to the post, the script for the approaching season has many interesting elements to offer. It also hinted that Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy is also joining the Sense8 cast soon. In fact, a few days back relevant sources confirmed the news.

Here we would we like to mention that earlier the show creators confirmed that the second season will welcome many new faces and Bollywood star Sikandar Kher is one of them. His role is not yet known.

Sylvester McCoy recently teased his upcoming project. Although his plans are hush-hush at this point of time, his hints are pointing out towards Sense8 season 2.  The Reddit post further reveals that the 73-year-old will be portraying the character of The Old Man of Hoy in the upcoming season of this sci-fi series. MacCoy won’t be making a cameo. The Old Man of Hoy will be a regular one, as the actor conveyed that he will be seen in Season 2. In fact, he has plans for reprising roles in the future seasons of the show.

Does that mean, Sense8 season 2 won’t be the last? Does Netflix have already picked the shown for a third season renewal? Well, you never know!

According to the Reddit publication, the show will dig deeper into Will’s (Brian J. Smith)  backstory in the upcoming season. It looks like Gorski is Will’s father and the former will meet his last in Sense8 season 2. One user identified that this may clarify why Will had two trailers in which one featured his name on it and the other had Gorki’s. We would like to remind our readers that Will is one of the eight senstaes on the show. He is a police officer at the Chicago Police Department; haunted by an unsolved murder his father was assigned to when he was a child.

Whether or not the claims of the leaked script are true, only time will reveal that. Sense8 season 2  will be a complete fresh piece to watch, which promises more sex and violence. The show will also highlight the stories of the characters like Kala Dandekar. As for the air date, there are reports that Sense8 season 2 would return in the early months of 2017.