Did Justin Bieber accuse Selena Gomez on cheating with him while they were together? The former couple rose to the headlines once again after cheating allegations with Zayn Malik came up.

The young artists had a high-profile relationship in the past. However, Bieber and Gomez were not able to escape the media even after their split.

Until now, several media outlets continue to link the individuals. But it appears that their separation is actually for good.

Recently, the Sorry singer dropped Zayn Malik’s name as the third party. But according to a source from Hollywood Life, the rumors are just a bunch of unproven accusations.

“The only woman on Zayn’s mind is Gigi, and he’s made it clear to her as well that nothing ever happened between him and Selena. Zayn thinks the cheating rumor is ridiculous. He’s only ever been friends with Selena and that’s it,” the source claimed.

On the other hand, there is a thin possibility that Malik and Gomez might have had a thing in the past. Here are the 5 reasons why Justin Bieber might be right:

  1. If you notice, the Canadian singer deleted his Instagram account after the news came out. The Sun reported that Bieber quit social media because of a lengthy argument with his ex-girlfriend.

According to the online tabloid, the brought up Zayn’s name during the conversation. For those who wanted to see the message, check NME.

2. Of all the people, why did The Biebs mentioned the Pillowtalk singer? Last year, Mirror reported that Gomez wants Zayn to reach out to her after following her Twitter account.

The Latina stated that she knows the singer. But could there be another reason why she wanted to catch up with him?

3. Meanwhile, YouTube channel More To The Music revealed that the Revival hitmaker would like to kiss the former One Direction member. Perhaps, she might have some admiration for the now-solo artist.

4. An avid fan of Gomez and Malik made a Tumblr page for the fans. Maybe the chemistry is on point, which could be a reason for Justin Bieber to be jealous, or not.

5. Teen revealed the girls that were once linked to the RnB singer but Gomez was not on the list. But could it be possible that they were just keeping the affair under wraps?

Justin Bieber is yet to address the issues. Meanwhile, here is the alleged screenshot of the conversation: