Selena Gomez Rules Instagram, Beats Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian [Top Ten Intimate Pics]


Selena Gomez has officially become the most-followed user on Instagram. She beats BFF Taylor Swift with 69.4 million followers on the social networking site.

Taylor is not far behind, as she has 69.2 million followers. Kim Kardashian, who has recently caused a sensation with one more nude selfie, has 63.6 million fans following her.

Despite the so-called rivalry on social media in terms of the number of followers, Selena and Taylor seem to be enjoying the best times in friendship. According to Sky News, Selena has expressed her desire to collaborate with Taylor.

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“The opportunity has always been there and I think she is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever met. I don’t know – I would want it to be a moment but we’ll see,” she said.

Other top celebrities on Instagram include Beyoncé (63 million) and Justin Bieber (61.6 million). The “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself” singer earlier shared a hilarious video of having a “happy meal,” which she claimed to have enjoyed the previous week as well.

Selena likes to be open about a lot of things. She previously stood by Taylor amid the Kanye West controversy regarding “Famous,” as Kanye rapped that he had made the “Shake It Off” singer a star. “I made that bitch famous/God damn/I made that bitch famous,” were his exact words.

Selena said Taylor had always been “killing it,” no matter what Kanye thought about it.

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While Mrs. West is ruling Instagram with her private selfies, Kanye is not on the social networking site yet. While he is quite active on Twitter, he has one major condition to join Instagram.

“I was thinking about getting an Instagram but only on one condition…,” Kanye said on Twitter. “No one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram…It’s my art…”

Meanwhile, Selena rules the social media site. Here are top ten Instagram selfies from the star, who never fails to amuse her fans.

It's fun to look cool sometimes @chrisclassen

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when they play your song at the club

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I promise I have the biggest family. But my pride and joy lives with this one right here.

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comin soon @stevenkleinstudio hehe

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This means we had good lighting.. Right ladies?? 😂

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After the show is the after party.. Thank you @dnce for my stocking!!! ☺️

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My godson came to see his Tia in LA 😭☺️

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