Is Justin Bieber to blame for the Selena Gomez Revival Tour cancellation?

No doubt, the strain from the Selena Gomez Revival Tour would be tiring. Yet could there be another reason for the singer’s depression? The singer figured in a heated word war with her ex Justin Bieber recently. Selena Gomez previously expressed her desire to avoid anything related to the Canadian rapper. However, she could not stand by and let him knock down his own fans. Thus, she stood up for his Beliebers when he did not.

Unfortunately, their heated exchange seemed to express unresolved issues between the two. Both sides hurled cheating accusations against the other. Consequently, Bieber shut down his Instagram account to the public. His action raised speculations he was still not over Selena. Then, Selena Gomez posted a cryptic message likely meant as an apology. Yet he refused to answer her calls. Did it trigger her anxiety attacks?

The Selena Gomez Revival Tour has hit the brakes. The singer announced a break from the spotlight due to anxiety and panic attacks. She will reportedly use the time off to seek help for her current health issues. As it turns out, her earlier diagnosis of lupus could be the cause of her present concerns. Thus, her initiative to address the problems before they worsen.

Singer takes a break from the Selena Gomez Revival Tour

In 2013, she cancelled the Asian and Australian leg of her Stars Dance tour to battle the disease. As expected, Selenators are devoted to their idol. Hence, their encouraging messages for her to get well.

Selena Gomez announced her decision to take a break following the rigorous schedule of the Revival World Tour.

“As many of you know, around a year ago, I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways. I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges,” Selena Gomez told People exclusively.