Selena Gomez New Album 2015: Goes Topless for Justin Bieber?


Selena Gomez is sizzling in her new topless picture which she posted yesterday, supposedly for the promotion of the new album “Revival”.

Though Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend, may be quite upset at himself after she posted this sizzling picture, he is not the reason behind it. The “Barney and Friends” lady has grown up now and changed a lot dramatically over the past two decades.

Letting her lovely hair drape her bare chests and with a sensuous stare through her adorable expressive lashes makes the ever gorgeous topless Miss Gomez talk of the town.


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She bluntly spoked about how her breakup with Bieber has affected her mentally and emotionally in an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

She posted a mysterious post before posting the picture saying “This is my____” which was gradually answered in the next post “Revival”.

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“Revival” may be Selena’s way for revamping herself after a crazy relationship with Bieber.

The young ex-couple had been into deep controversy earlier in February as Hollywood life reported about Bieber publicly bragging of Selena giving away her virginity to him because she was madly in love.

According to US Magazine, the “Tell me Something I Don’t know” singer also stated that she is quite comfortable with her voice and sensuality and would happily flaunt it.

She had also tweeted few days ago about how nervous she was earlier regarding her voice that she thought was not feminine enough, which in turn has become her strongest feature. Her charming voice is an additional factor  for her increasing fan-base besides her stunningly innocent looks.

The new album “Revival 10.9” also includes the track “Good for You” as the lead single which was originally from her album of the same name which was released earlier this year.

The album is set to release on September 16.


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