Selena Gomez canceled the remaining schedule of her Revival tour because of her struggle with lupus. However, her condition might have worsened because of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie. Catch the latest Selena Gomez lupus update here.

Bieber and Gomez have been separated for a long time but the issue that revolves around them never stops. There are too many controversies even after they broke up.

The latest news about Bieber dating Lionel Richie must have been too much. According to a source from Life and Style, the purported couple shocked the Latina.

“It was really hard for her,” the insider claimed. “She saw Justin looking so happy and that really sent her into a downward spiral.”

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The source also stated that Gomez thinks that 2016 has been the worst year of her life but then, she needs to accept that Bieber was able to move on.

There have been so many issues despite her condition. A couple of weeks ago, Bieber deactivated his Instagram account after his heated feud with Gomez.

The former couple exchanged harsh comments, leading to Bieber’s outburst.

The Sorry singer accused her of cheating on him with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. After that, he removed his social media presence.

Could it be true? Both of them has not commented on the issue and neither did Malik. He is keeping his relationship with model Gigi Hadid strong.

While the truthfulness of this issue is yet to be revealed, Hollywood Life reported that Gomez is doing her best to overcome her lupus.

The singer is finding alternate ways to treat her illness by having a healthy diet. She has been suffering from the autoimmune disease since 2012 and still fighting for a better life.

So far, she is juicing three times a day, according to sources. She switched to an all organic, grain-free diet, and thoroughly ‘detoxed’ her house by purchasing all natural beauty products and other stuff.

She also undergoes “chelation therapy” – the method through which toxins and metals are pulled out of the body.

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