The love triangle between Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian has reportedly been on for months and it looks like the heating feud between the two ladies continues. The Latina brunette is said to be “fed up” with the alleged romance that The Biebs and Kourtney K. have.

An insider told Life and Style that Gomez is done and over with Bieber’s alleged secret affair with the mother of three. The Canadian singer told her that he will cut ties to the reality star, but to no avail.

“Justin promised [Selena Gomez] he was going to end his relationship with Kourtney, but he hasn’t done it yet,” as quoted from Hollywood Life. “He told [Selena Gomez] she needed to be patient,” the source added.

The affair between Bieber and Kardashian has not been proven yet, but Inquistr noted that they continue to see each other. The rumor started weeks after Kardashian broke up with his husband Scott Disick.

According to the website, the hot mom was spotted leaving Bieber’s hotel room in Beverly Hills, California last December. The Kardashian was even present at The Biebs’ 22nd birthday celebration, whereas Gomez was nowhere to be seen.

Amidst the rumour between them are another news that he and Gomez are about to rekindle their relationship. The two dated for years and their relationship was known to be some kind of a rollercoaster one.

However, Inquistr claimed that they recently started to flirt on social media by liking each other’s photo on Instagram. Could this be the start of a new love between the young artists? Their fans hope so.

Should the news about Gomez and Bieber be true, what about her and the suave businessman Samuel Krost? There are reports in the past that Krost and the Latina have been dating.

Fans will surely keep an eye on what is bound to happen between the involved celebrities.