Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scream Season 3 Cancelled? Fans Not Pleased with Killer Reveal?

Scream Season 3 Cancelled? Fans Not Pleased with Killer Reveal?


MTV Scream has just completed its second season. However, the finale episode of Season 2 only received poor reviews of viewers. Reports say perhaps the fans are not pleased with the way the show revealed the mystery. Will it lead to the cancellation of Scream Season 3?

Scream Season 2’s last episode marked Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) boyfriend Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) as the successor of Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blair) psycho games. He is the man behind the mask.  The story lost its flow when it revealed that Kieran and Piper were dating before Emma met him. The killer of Season 2 was only pretending to be Emma’s boyfriend while Piper tried to destroy her life.  What made Kieran take such a nasty route?  Scream Season 1’s finale episode showed Emma and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) murdered. Their loss kind of affected him, and he later on decided to exact revenge on them.

Fans, critics and the like who were expecting some interesting twists at the end of Scream Season 2 got disappointed with such revelation. Many viewers believed by the end of Scream Season 1 that Kieran was the killer. However, when Piper was revealed to be the one behind those eerie occurrences, those suspicions went away. The thriller series followed the strategies of the first movie in making the boyfriend the apparent suspect at first and then drawing doubt away from him before revealing he actually was the killer. Although it can be counted as a good attempt by the show, it failed to titillate the viewers. Is it the reason for the poor viewership ratings of Scream Season 2? Will it decide the fate of Scream Season 3?

Sources revealed Scream Season 1 averaged a 0.34 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 750,000 viewers. However, the second season dipped to 0.19 in the demo with 380,000 viewers. The figures are showing more than a 45% drop season to season, reports TV Series Finale.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival of the show. Unfortunately, the nine-episode second season of Scream could not pull a great amount of viewership. At the end of Scream Season 2, we saw Kieran alive but in jail, receiving a call from someone claiming to be the late Brandon James. It made the fans ponder at some cliff-hanger moments. Although the ending of the season leaves the door open for a potential third season of the series, the ratings are putting the show’s future at stake.

Thus far, there is no confirmation from the channel on Scream Season 3. So  despite the poor ratings, we can still be hopeful about some good news soon.

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  • Marissa Singleton

    Personally I was pissed that Kieran was the Killer but I think the way they played it out was very smart considering they had two killers not just one which is why they were renewed for a second season in the first place BC of the suspense everyone loves it,it’s addictive and they also again ended the second d season with more suspense
    Don’t get me wrong I was sad that it was the boyfriend but if u think about it everyone is happy again for now in
    the show and if they renew it again we will have more suspense ,more romance, more sadness,happiness and more drama

  • Jay Camille

    I would love for a season 3… I absolutely love this series.. I just found the series 2 weeks ago and watched it all. I am very eager to see who the next killer will be. Even though I found this series late, I completely fell in love with all the characters and wanted to know what happened next. I really hope theyou continue.

  • Rob Kester

    I hope they just do a made for TV movie to wrap it up.

  • WallyMartin

    Hate how all articles talk about drop in rating, when they partnered with netflix and the day after it air’d in it’s shit 11pm timeslot u could watch it on netflix.

  • Corinne

    I hated that it was Kieran, So not original, If i knew it was the boyfriend I would have just watched the original movies, I love the characters on the show, except Emma. but they jumped the shark with it being kieran. I would have liked Emma or her Mother who seems to be covering butt load of stuff about the past. That would be a twist .. Or if it was Kieran’s cousin Eli.. I loved the suspense and guessing game of who done it. But come on ? Really? The Sad,daddy issues boyfriend! Blah! SMDH! Im pissed i wasted my time. END RANT… Other worse ending to a show and still pisses me off , DEXTER the lumberjack! That was some BS also!