The current season of “Scream” has barely begun. The MTV show is just three episodes into this installment but two characters have already been killed. Will another character be murdered soon? Should fans expect more deaths on Scream Season 2?

The International Business Times thinks it’s certainly possible. Next week’s episode will be called “Happy Birthday to Me.” Like previous episodes this season, it is named after popular horror films from the past. The movie, “Happy Birthday to Me,” is known to be a 1980s slasher cult classic. Lots of characters ended up dead by the end of the film. They were each “brutally murdered one by one.” Can fans expect the same thing to happen in “Scream” next week?

And according to Hollywood Hills, the upcoming episode seems “intense” and “quite dramatic.” The murderer has killed two victims so far. But the gang will still throw a surprise party for Kieran’s birthday. This might seem unwise. But it’s understandable since no one really knows about the murders, except Audrey. And she really can’t say anything on the matter unless she wants to be framed for the murders.

Next week, the killer is expected to pose as one of his victims, Jake. He would send the gang tequila – “a pricey birthday bottle from south of the border.”

Will the killer wipe them all out with the bottle of tequila? Or does he have other plans up his sleeves? Will he really strike again soon? Who will get killed this time? These questions are unanswerable at the moment. But you need not hold your breath for too long to find out. “Scream” returns with a whole new episode on MTV this coming Monday, June 20 at 11 p.m. EDT (Tuesday, June 21 at 1 p.m. ACT).

Check out the promo for Scream Season 2, Episode 4 below.