It appears that the ladies in “Scream Queens” are not the only ones out to make some noise.

Design and Trend reports that Oliver Hudson, the actor who plays Wes Gardner in “Scream Queens”, may have revealed details about the possible setting for Season 2 (if Fox would order another season).

The website reports that in an appearance in the show “Watch What Happens Live”, Hudson shared to host Andy Cohen that the second season of the Fox series may be set in a summer camp.

Design and Trend also recalls that series creator Ryan Murphy revealed last month in a Q&A at Fan Fright Fest in New York City that he already pitched the story idea for season 2 of the series.

Murphy revealed that Fox executives were excited about the idea, Design and Trend reports, so this may guarantee a renewal.

Cosmopolitan also reports that there may still be a few episodes left on the current season but Murphy already revealed that only four from the show’s ensemble cast will survive when the show ends its first run.

Murphy also appeared certain about a second season with his interview with Zap2It. The series creator was interviewed by the website last June and Zap2It quotes Murphy in saying:

“The second season is the four remaining survivors playing the same characters going to a new ‘Scream Queens’ venue. Then we bring in other people and the death party starts again.”

It can be gathered from this that although there is no official renewal yet, “Scream Queens” Season 2 can be considered a sure thing.

Zap2It also mentions that some commenters discovered earlier in the fall that 20th Century Fox trademarked “Scream Queens: Summer Camp” which could further be a sign for Hudson’s revelation.

News of a summer camp theme is only one of the news released pertaining to a “Scream Queens” second season.

Last October, Fashion & Style reported that singer Lady Gaga and actor Evan Peters (who are both on Murphy’s other show, “American Horror Story”) have both expressed interest in being part of “Scream Queens”.

Whether or not the two will appear on the show will be determined once an official renewal is released.

“Scream Queens” airs on Fox every Tuesday at 9 p.m.