Fans looked forwards to the premiere of Scream Queens season 2. However, would the lackluster ratings from its first episode last September 20 indicate its days on the air are numbered?

Early on, cast members hinted that the new season would be of fun, wild and darker. Indeed, the addition of Hollywood hunks Taylor Lautner and John Stamos would likely raise the heat index for the series. The hot actors will portray equally hot doctors Dr. Cassidy Cascade and Dr. Brock Holt, respectively. There were also rumors of a possible nude scene. Moreover, there was a likelihood of a romance blossoming on Scream Queens season 2.

Yet the future would seem bleak for the show despite these added treats. The first episode of the new season did not do so well in the ratings game. In fact, its fate for a season 3 would appear to be uncertain unless it manages to break out of its current slump. The Cancel Bear from TV By The Numbers of the Zap2IT blog revealed how the show is doing so far.

“This season, it’s not looking that great. The show is still rated a tossup for now, but it’s running way behind its first two episodes last year (0.85 vs. 1.55) and below the first-season average of 1.1. DVRs and streaming won’t make that up — seven days of delayed viewing only got episode 2 back to its same-day number from a year ago,” TV By The Numbers wrote. Consequently, it placed the series on notice, perhaps in an attempt to shake it up in order for it to shape up and avoid cancellation.

Then again, the first season of the Fox series also had problems with traditional ratings. The publication recalled it managed to pull through due to DVR and on-demand viewing and streaming as well as over-performance in the under 35 adult category. Would it manage to do the same with Scream Queens season 2?