Actor Lee Joon Ki continues to thrill audiences of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Now, he gives fans more reason to be happy for his character Wang So and his relationship with Hae Soo.

The period K-drama received criticism early on, as viewers were not happy with the acting of K-Pop singers turned actors IU and Baekhyun. Hence, it failed to live up to its predecessor’s popularity and local viewership ratings were not as impressive as the network had hoped.

However, Scarlet Heart Ryeo is widely popular amaong overseas audiences. Moreover, it managed to secure quite a significant profit in the Chinese market and sold for US$ 400,000 per episode. The presence of Lee Joon Ki is likely a key factor and would appear to be its saving grace.

Viewers continue to praise him for his acting and portrayal of Wang So the fourth prince. Hence, the huge responsibility to uplift the show’s ratings seems on him. Nonetheless, the actor does not look fazed by it. Moreover, the feedback and positive comments inspire him to do better. As such, he revealed what viewers can expect from his character as the show approaches its halfway mark.

“From being the most neglected prince, Wang So suddenly becomes the center of attention. He was a self-conscious and introverted boy before but now he’s gonna show a more strong and assertive character. He will tackle betrayal, jealousy, romance and more so keep watching!,” Lee Joon Ki revealed.

The blossoming relationship between his character and Hae Soo is something fans can also expect. According to the actor, Wang So’s feelings for her become more evident as she continues to treat him with warmth and kindness. Thus, Drama Fever mused if they would eventually fall in love.

Stay tuned for more updates on the period K-drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo!