The release date for Scandal season 6 could be in jeopardy to the dismay of fans. Yet they could have reason to be hopeful, as the earlier rumor about its crossover with another series might take place.

Rumors spread early on about the possible delay of Scandal season 6. This came about due to the current condition of Kerry Washington. She is happily pregnant with her second child. Previously, they kept her first pregnancy under a coat and cut the number of episodes of season three. Fans are worried how it would affect the series.

However, fans need not worry about a cancellation. As it turns out, the production was not able to finish in time for the fall premiere. Hence, a slight delay of the premiere to January 2017. Apparently, showrunner Shonda Rhimes was not keen on adding the pregnancy to the plot.

Scandal season 6 premiere delayed not cancelled

The midseason bow of Scandal season 6 on ABC’s 2016-2017 schedule also meant it would not coincide with the upcoming US presidential elections. Variety pointed out the interesting similarities between it and the show’s current plot. In fact, the season 5 finale featured the vice presidential candidates. Hence, how would the outcome of the actual elections affect the series? Which would be the first to welcome the first female POTUS to the White House?

Meanwhile, speculations about the crossover of Scandal with yet another Shonda Rhimes creation is rife again. Actor Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the series hinted its possibility earlier. Admittedly, the two shows offer something different. Yet his willingness to take on the cast of How to Get Away with Murder could be something for fans to be hopeful of.

“I’m open to anything. Are you kidding? To get to act with Viola and that cast. I think it’d be super cool,” Goldwyn told Entertainment Weekly back in October 2015.