‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: Olivia, Jake Rekindle Romance After Fitz Breakup?


Most fans must still be calming themselves down after “Scandal’s” explosive mid-season finale, but recent rumors about Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) fate and the track of other characters may ruin that moving on process for many.

One of these recent news was raised by TV Line. Namely, the website detailed that if Olivia and Fitz are now broken up, will there be a chance for an Olake (Olivia and Jake) reunion?

Before you die-hard Olitz fans (Olivia and Fitz) react violently, Scott Foley himself believes that an Olake reunion is highly unlikely because Jake is practically done with the love triangle drama. In his TV Line interview, Scott can be quoted as saying:

“He had tried to be the good friend throughout her (Olivia) ridiculous ponderings and questions about ‘Should I marry Fitz?,’ but once he found out that she let Rowan out and Rowan then killed his wife, I think he was done.”

Although some fans are still rooting for Olivia to end up with Jake, CarterMatt thinks that a time away from his previous lady love may be good for Jake after all.

The website is settling with this idea because without being involved in a love triangle, there will be an expansive list of storylines that Jake can be involved in. CarterMatt also thinks that the love triangle has already been exhausted and it may be a good time to pursue other stories.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jake is not the only person who sees a separation from Olivia as a good thing.

According to Vine Report, actor Tony Goldwyn who plays President Fitzgerald ‘Fitz” Grant also thinks that the Olitz breakup may have some benefits in terms of his character moving forward. He was quoted by the website in saying:

“He has always had a strong polarity in his life. There’s always been Mellie — and/or Olivia — as this other yin and yang. So it might be good for him. Fitz may grow through the experience.”

“Scandal” Season 5 returns on February 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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