“Scandal” season 5 just dropped a new promo and it appears that it is dedicated to prove Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) wrong.

For that sentence to make more sense, it is important to go back a few weeks ago when it was reported that actor Scott Foley thinks there is no more hope for Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Jake (Foley’s character) to rekindle their romance.

In his interview with TV Line, the actor was quoted as saying:

“He had tried to be the good friend throughout her (Olivia) ridiculous ponderings and questions about ‘Should I marry Fitz?,’ but once he found out that she let Rowan out and Rowan then killed his wife, I think he was done.”

Nevertheless, the new promo for the second half of “Scandal” season 5 seems to suggest a different story.

Variety reports that in the new video, Jake can be heard telling Olivia that he doesn’t like waiting, to which the latter answers “Then don’t.” The conversation does not really convey any romantic exchange since it could mean a lot of other things.

However, Variety highlights that in the same promo, Olivia can be seen jumping into Jake’s arms and sharing a makeout session with him. This begs the question on whether Scott Foley was just misleading the fans during that interview with TV Line or the clip showing them making out has some deeper meaning.

If you want to investigate the matter, you can checkout the new promo below for yourself.

Meanwhile, although the makeout session in the promo shows that there is a strong possibility for Jake and Olivia to get back together, the move may be bad for the show and the two characters.

According to CarterMatt, revisiting a complicated romance between Olivia and Jake will accomplish nothing in moving the story forward. True enough, this story line has been explored many times before and all it does is create some drama on the show without helping in its progress.

Fans will learn the truth about what that makeout session really means when “Scandal” season 5 returns on February 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC.