At the first go, the Sausage Party movie might just appear like an animated series full of innocent actions. As they say, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, the movie is an absolutely dirty comedy. To save it from the NC-17 rating, a climax sequence with some adult content has been axed from the movie. It can be considered as the most hilarious cut element.

Sausage Party movie writer/producer/star Seth Rogen was recently a guest on The Howard Stern Show to promote the Friday release of the film. A major portion of the interview was dedicated to the 34-year-old talking about the process dealing with the MPAA when he and the rest of the crew were trying to finish the theatrical cut.

Rogen expressed he was shocked to find out that The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) just wanted to remove a  very small part from the film. One of the last sequences of Sausage Party movie features an all-out food orgy in the grocery store. Specifically talking about it, Rogen clarified:

“We probably added six things into the orgy that we were like, ‘These are our sacrificial lambs. They’re the chips we’re willing to lose.’ And we lost like an eighth of one of them. [laughs]… There is a pita bread, and you see his ball sack in the end orgy. And it had hair on it. And they asked we remove the hair from the pita bread’s ball sack. … So we digitally shaved the pita bread’s ball sack and removed the hair from it.”

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The MPAA often appears to be very lenient. For example, The Expendables 3 managed to be released with a PG-13. However, the organization loves to play with its axe when there is any kind of sexual content involved.  This frequently becomes a worrisome affair for the filmmakers.

Now many of us may wonder what happened in the case of Sausage Party movie.

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Watch  the Sausage Party movie  trailer below.

To know how the raunchy animated story goes, you do not have to wait for long. Sausage Party movie is hitting theaters this Friday, August 12th.