Prior to the World War 3, the world is likely to witness another major war between the creepy clowns UK and the Batman.

While creepy clowns are threatening creatures in the UK and the world, Batman has emerged as a scare for the UK creepy jesters. The frequency of crimes conducted by people dressed up in a clown attire has increased to a great extent these days. As a result, the police department has warned the people against using clown dresses to endanger the population.

According to local media network, BBC Cumbria, when UK’s costume designing company Superhero Cumbria heard that children across the nation were having nightmares because of the increasing clown terror, it decided to get its employees dressed in Batman outfit and patrol the streets so that the kids and adults could have a sound sleep.

“We heard a lot of reports of kids being scared and not wanting to go to sleep, and Batman is what a lot of kids look up to,” a rep for the company told the media outlet. “So we thought it was only in our duty to try and prove to the little ones that it is safe and Batman is out there looking for these clowns.”

On Facebook, a photo was shared, reportedly by a local child, in which a Batman seemed chasing off a creepy clown. The Telegraph stated that the FB image was accompanied by a message that showed the sense of safety in the child after hearing that a Dark Knight dressed man is there to protect all of them from the creepy clowns UK.

“Hi Batman, my name is xxx. I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday). I seen on my mammy fb [Facebook] that you caught the clown,” the text read. “This means I can go to school and not be scared, thank you for your efforts.”