A woman battling terminal cancer wished to vote in the Iowa caucus. Deborah Gilbert’s bucket list includes taking part in the caucus – something she has never done before.

According to Gilbert, there are a number of doctors who did not expect her to be alive until now. While she accepts that the end of her life is not far away, the 60-year-old marks February 1, 2016 as the most important day of her existence.

She says she is not proud of the fact that she has never been to a caucus before. However, she may never have the chance to do it, if she does not do it this time.

Gilbert was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in July 2015. The disease has not spread to her liver. It is not possible for her to get the most effective treatment due to her body suffering from a progressive form of muscular dystrophy.

Last summer, she was told she only had six months to live. She will donate her remains to pathology at the University of Iowa.

Before she leaves, however, she wants to be “counted.” The Democratic woman will have to travel three miles to reach Buchanan Elementary School, a tough task for someone who finds it difficult to move much.

“This is Iowa,” KWQC-TV6 quoted Gilbert as saying. “We’re first, everybody looks to us, and I think it’s important that we make a good showing.”

The woman, sitting in her northwest Davenport living room, supports Bernie Sanders.

“He’s made us realise there are things that are so important, and they’re not hard to understand,” Gilbert said. “He’s just made this election more personal.”

“I don’t think I’ll get to see who becomes our next president,” Gilbert said, “but I will still do whatever I can do until I can’t do it anymore.”

Gilbert’s story eventually reached the Sanders campaign team. His wife, Jane, then went to meet the Gilbert family – a move that made the family “flabbergasted.”