The authorities refused to take Sofina Sahib, the mother of toddler Sanaya Sahib, to the court hearing scheduled on Wednesday due to her deteriorating mental condition.

She made a confession on Tuesday that proved she was the one who killed her daughter. Police kept her under remand for her due presence before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday. According to 9News, however, seeing her declining mental status, the court excused her presence in the hearing.

Nikat was charged over the death of her 14-month-old daughter in West Heidelberg, according to what the CCTV footage depicted. Defence counsel Michael McNamara confirmed that Nikat, 22, was examined by a doctor and a psychiatric nurse on Wednesday morning. Following her medical examination, a magistrate excused her from attending the court proceedings. She is suffering from a mental illness, according to the medical practitioners.

MacNamara said that the medical experts were concerned about what kind of effect the court proceeding would pose on her. “It’s her preference not to be brought up,” the defence counsel said as quoted by The Age. The attending doctor and nurse also wanted Nikat to go for a more detailed psychological examination, McNamara said.

When magistrate Joanne Metcalf asked whether there are chances of the guilty harming herself, McNamara said, “It’s got to be a live issue.” The court also heard from authorities that it was the first time that Nikat showed the symptoms of a mental illness in prison. She will remain in police custody and will be presented before the court on August 3.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Susanna Locke addressed the court, saying the telephone details and CCTV footage will be transcribed and formatted in a sequence respectively before being produced in the court as evidence.

Nikat took a pram containing her infant, Sanaya, to Olympic Park in West Heidelberg while the pram was noticeably empty when she returned from there on Saturday. The body of the toddler was recovered in Darebin Creek on Sunday. Police arrested Nikat on Tuesday and she confessed to her crime the same day.