Bad air surrounded San Gabriel Mountains following the area that caught fire on Tuesday. The firefighters reached the spot and evacuated hundreds of residents.

Almost 5,000 acres of the Mountain’s area has been affected by the pair of wildfire. The wave of heat in the region reached its utmost extent this week, which seemed brutal to the firefighters. “It’s hot. It’s dry. They’re in steep, rugged, nasty terrain,” the LA Times quoted multi-agency team spokesman Mark Peebles as saying. The team is assigned the duty to fight the fires in the Angeles National Forest. “It’s extremely arduous work.”

The fire officers described the incident and said that the twin wildfires consisted of the Fish Fire above Duarte and the Reservoir Fire above Azusa. The fire was inspected by the officials of fire division in the afternoon. At eight at night, the fire affected around 10 percent of the area. “The fire is threatening the San Gabriel wilderness within the national monument,” San Bernardino County Fire Department’s incident commander Mike Wakoski said.

The county sheriff’s department confirmed that no structure has been affected by the San Gabriel fire. But the officials had to evacuate around 770 homes as per the confirmation obtained from the county.

The Reservoir fire above Azusa was reported first and then more than an hour later, the Fish Fire erupted close to Brookridge and Opal Canyon roads.  The cause of the fire is still unclear and is being investigated.

Around 168 horses were relocated because of the sudden fire. Horse trainer Andrea Brown, who moved eight of her horses from Encanto Equestrian Center in Duarte to the Fairplex.  “All of them are happy and doing well,” she said. “They are my four-legged family.”

San Gabriel Mountains is known for the National Monument of 350,000-acre designated by US President Barack Obama in 2014.