Thursday, September 29, 2016

Samsung Gear VR: 4 Must-Try Games

Samsung Gear VR: 4 Must-Try Games

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No doubt that Oculus Rift and HTC Vive would offer you immersive experience and good virtual reality (VR) games but Samsung Gear VR can give you the experience at a considerable cheaper rate.

All you need is the Gear VR headset and a compatible Galaxy Smartphone.

So we have gathered some games for Gear VR which would give you good gaming experience. Here it follows.

Land’s End

At the cost of just $7.99 (AU$9), Land’s End offers you an atmospheric world of mountains, seas, caves, and puzzles. The game offers the almost similar experience of the “Star Trek: Voyager” episode “Equinox”. In that episode, the captain of the starship would use a VR-like headset to get away to a private, comforting beach, notes Land’s End game.

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Please, Don’t Touch Anything

A player would be left alone in kind of control room while your friend would hit the bathroom. You would be instructed to not to touch anything especially a bug red button. Following which a part puzzle and escape room, where it has endings. The game is a tough task. The player would be offered to try again, notes CNET.

The game would cost you just $8.99 (AU$11). It is worth more than the money.

Eve: Gunjack

This game is arguably a stunner. It offers the same visual graphics which you would want to see in Oculus Rift. It’s the repetitive gaze-and-shoot action game and it is must-have Gear VR game.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

It is obvious that the Gear VR offers you a single-person experience. The game is similar to the desktop version that challenges you and teammates to deactivate a bomb. Interestingly, the game only lets you see and interact with the bomb, while your team-mates would pore through a bomb defused manual in the hopes of feeding you the information you need while time is running out.

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You can buy Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for $9.99 (AU$ 12).