Word about the Samsung Galaxy S7 possessing a holographic display had been doing the rounds and now there are more rumors on the innovation front. The Korean tech-company, constantly reinventing displays, may just be working on a foldable one this time around.

Sam Mobile has received word from a “tipster” in China who suggests that Samsung is indeed testing a smartphone with a foldable display. Also, the smartphone may be launched as early as next year. The website also confirms that the device is not the Samsung Galaxy S7 and chances are it may only be released in Korea.

As was reported earlier, the company is testing the Samsung Galaxy S7 with two different chipsets — a Snapdragon 820 processor and its own Exynos chip. The Galaxy S7 could indeed be launched in two different variants one with the Snapdragon chip and the other with the Exynos one.

So what is known about the foldable device in question? Following the footsteps of Galaxy S7, the foldable smartphone is also being tested with two different processors, however, in this case both belong to the Snapdragon family with one being the Snapdragon 820 and the other a Snapdragon 620 chip. Other features include a microSD card slot, 3GB RAM, and going the Apple way – a non-removable battery.

As noted by Mashable, the Korean company had shared a video at The Society for Information Display in 2008 which showcased a prototype of foldable displays and fans can take a look at the video here.

The video also shows the phone doubling up as a phablet of sorts and it is quite exciting. This step could just boost the company’s smartphone sales, which has witnessed a drop. An innovation such as this is bound to grab eye-balls.

Sam Mobile also mentions that Samsung is gearing up to launch the phone with a foldable display in January 2016.