With just a day or two to go before the unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy S7 sure is drawing all the attention and for all the right reasons.

Samsung loyalists are going to be happy about the fact that the most recent rumours hint at the Galaxy S7 landing in retail stores on March 11. A report on Tech Radar, pointing at a “trusted retail source,” mentions that the Galaxy S7 may well be arriving three weeks from its launch this Sunday, February 21.

The source said, “The Galaxy S7 is officially being announced on Sunday and pre-orders will go live on the website probably by 8pm GMT, 9pm CET that evening.”

“The actual on sale date is going to be March 11, so those who pre-order should get their phones that day or maybe the day after.”

This also throws light on the speculations that the handset will be going up for pre-order on the very same day of its launch, that is February 21. However, there was no mention about the free Gear VR offer from the source. For those not in the know, the word on the street suggests that the Galaxy S7 is to be bundled with a free Gear VR for those who pre-order the device from February 21 to March 10. If this does materialize, it will add to the standing of the Galaxy S7 in face of all the competition out there.

But that isn’t all, a live image leak on Weibo of what is believed to be the Galaxy S7 shows off a Micro USB port. There had been predictions about the smartphone landing with a USB Type-C port, but going by this image it appears that may not be the case.

But let’s hold all the verdicts until Sunday, when the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be introduced to the world at the Mobile World Congress 2016.