Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7, and now as it turns out they have more reasons to smile. Reportedly, the Korean tech company will be releasing not one, but two Galaxy S7 Edge versions.

According to a SamsungViet, a Vietnam-based website, the two rumored models with 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch displays are a part of the same S7 lineup.

As reported by Phone Arena, fans can expect the device to be launched with two Edge versions. In a similar manner as the S6, the second Edge device of the Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup will feature a curved screen. This does sound quite likely since the rumors about the options between a curved and a flat display being available have been doing the rounds for quite a while now.

The report on SamsungViet goes on to suggest that the two Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge models will be launched on the same day.

Other rumors spell out the presence of Samsung’s own Exynos chipset or the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood, depending on the regions where the devices are retailing. US markets are expected to witness the arrival of the Galaxy phones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor onboard, while the devices retailing in Asian countries may house the company’s own Exynos chip.

The latest speculations also point towards a high-end ESS audio chip to come embedded in the new premium Galaxy device. This top-of-the-line digital-to-analog (DAC) converter may take the audio quality on the new phone, up another notch.

The other exciting feature is the 4k display with Force Touch, which would ensure that the screen is sensitive to the pressure applied and allow for carrying out actions with ease. The device will also have a mean 20 MP camera on the rear panel.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates, rumors and speculations on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.