There has been a lot of noise surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus variant. Now details about where the handset will set foot has surfaced and it looks like Europe isn’t on the list.

According to details shared with Tech Radar, a source revealed that the Korean tech giant has decided to bring in the Galaxy Note 6 in the U.K. markets rather than the Edge Plus model. If the Note 6 makes its way into U.K. it is very likely that the handset will be entering many European countries as well.

As many may recollect, fans across Europe weren’t too happy with the fact that only the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus model hit shores last year. Naturally so, many Samsung loyalists felt the absence of the Galaxy Note 5. If the word is to be believed then the company may be paying heed to its users and it is looking at releasing, the unofficially dubbed, Note 6 in the U.K. sometime in August.

The source shared, “I got the impression that it had been a bit of a disappointment sales-wise and that the decision to keep the Note 5 out of Europe is now considered a mistake. So our information is that the Note 6 will launch in the UK in August and that there will be no S7 Edge Plus.”

Previous reports have often hinted at the Galaxy S7 family bringing with it not two or three, but four members. The list includes, the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

However, just last week @evleaks Twitter post indicated at the Plus variants being pulled out of the race. It appears that the details will continue to be laced in uncertainty over the fate of the Galaxy S7 lineup. Whether or not the Plus models will arrive remains to be seen, but the Note 6 arriving in the later half of the year would confirm that Samsung is continuing with a similar launch schedule as it did last year.