Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup arriving with multiple variants namely, the S7 Plus and the S7 Edge have been surfacing time and again. A recent leak seems to confirm that it may probably be the case since it reveals further details about the Galaxy S7 Edge variant.

In a recent AnTuTu benchmark database, a Samsung device with model number SM-935A, allegedly the AT&T Galaxy S7 Edge showed up. The leak confirms that the Galaxy S7 Edge and most likely the Galaxy S7 will feature a 12-MP camera.

An earlier report suggested that the lineup may indeed arrive possessing a 12MP camera. Fans may be disappointed at the downgrade from its predecessor’s 16MP snapper, but don’t lose heart. A report on Weibo revealed that the snapper will feature a f/1.7 aperture which happens to be quite large in comparison to the aperture of f/1.9 on S6 and S6 Edge variants. This should deliver even better images when it comes to low-light photography.

Furthermore, a report on Digital Trends suggests that the Galaxy S7 and Edge models may arrive equipped with the dual-PD (dual-photodiode) technology for a more accurate auto-focus feature.

The leak also reveals that the Galaxy S7 Edge model won’t be featuring a 5.5-inch screen as is being rumored, rather may arrive sporting a 5.1-inch display. If the Edge variant is expected to possess a 5.1-inch display then this indicates at a possibility of a Plus model in the works which would be the phablet-sized variant in the S7 series. However, the leak didn’t mention or indicate the presence of a Plus model, which is rumored to be a part of the lineup and is expected to feature a 6-inch display.

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup is rumored to be arriving on the scene next month, until then fans can keep coming back to check for more speculations and updates on the upcoming flagship.